Wee Wisdom Preschool and Child Development Center is a Christian academic preparatory school for children who are between two and a half and primary school age.  Our unique and exemplary curriculum has been designed by our owner.  After educating preschoolers for nineteen years, she found it was restraining to confine children to one specific room for all hours of the day.  At Wee Wisdom, children feel the school is their “home away from home.”  Our classes operate much like a kindergarten classroom with students moving from one room to another based on their schedule.

They enjoy singing to the piano and playing instruments in the music room, learning new games and skills in the gym, and utilizing the SMART boards and IPADS in the computer room. Learning reading and math readiness skills, performing science experiments, and creating art in the multiple classrooms keeps the children engaged.  Throughout the day, they enjoy centers, free play, religion, and story time in our two dramatic play rooms. Our newest addition is a fenced-in playground and soccer field.

Our primary focus is preparing each child to transition into kindergarten as leaders with a love of learning. Our caring staff is dedicated to making your child’s experience a positive one.  They plan special events, field trips, and parties each month to enrich the program while our registered nurse is there to address any scrapes!  St. Paul’s United Church of Christ serves as much more than our home.  We partner with them on many events and our Pastor, David Williamson, is always available to provide us with support.

Each year we add something new to the program so that it remains fresh and current.  We will continue our commitment to excellence in education. Our goal is to nurture the emotional and spiritual development of every child that enters our doors.

Call to arrange a visit and become part of the Wee Wisdom Family!

"Vito had a wonderful experience at Wee Wisom.  He loved coming to school and he adored you.  You have an amazing program and a wonderful staff.  Thank-you so much for all you have done.  We truly appreciate it.  With your kindness, understanding, teaching style, and faith you have prepared Vito for the next step in his life.  You have set the bar high for his future teachers.  We are thankful for our time at Wee Wisdom!"  Courtney

"Joy is what Salvatore has each day he would walk into Wee Wisdom.  It's the emotion he had each day as he talked about learning or friends there.  I'm so grateful that he was able to experience Wee Wisdom and all that you do.  These memories will stay close to my heart as he learns and grows." The Reino Family

"I cannot thank you enough for making Daniel's first experience at school a positive one.  His first day was filled with tears. . . from both of us!  It fills my heart to see how much he has grown and how much he enjoys school now.  Thank you so much for all you do each day- from the stories you tell, tears your wipe, and hands you hold to the shoes you tie and knowledge you share  You are all AMAZING!"      Jen & Matt